11 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2011

Source : PCWorld

Outsourcing activity is expected to creep back in 2011, but things are hardly getting back to normal in the IT services space. The new year will be marked largely by upheaval–smaller contracts, cloud-related chaos, increased offshoring and decreased quality, for a start.

1. Progressive Outsourcing

2. Diving for Dollars

3. Outsourcing, Meet Cloudsourcing

4. Back-Door Deals Put CIOs at Risk

5. The End of Customization

6. Prices Get Firm

7. M&A: East Meets West

8. China, Brazil, and Egypt Take Center Stage

9. Protectionism Will Continue…With Limited Effect

10. Providers Embrace Mass Automation…

11. …And Mass (Offshore) Migration

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