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Employee Engagement: The great psychological connection

“Do you think that these employees will stay here for long time by celebrating such birthdays? There are lot of IT companies who do such things, still their attrition is more than 20%.” The traditional HR Manager asked me when … Continue reading

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Rajesh Jain’s Recommended Reading – 1

The Web is reborn: from Technology Review. On how HTML5 is going to change things. Best Business Books of 2010: from strategy+business. Employee Equity: Insights by Fred Wilson. “How much equity should you grant when you make a hire?” HR … Continue reading

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Why do some succeed where others fail? by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is best known for his books The Tipping Point (2000), Blink (2005), Outliers (2008), and What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures (2009). Gladwell has also made popular the “10,000-Hour Rule”, claiming that the key to success in … Continue reading

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The Bossless Organization: From Bosses to Mentor Investors

CEOMAG are pleased to share Tory Gattis‘s concept on The Bossless Organization which won a prize at the the first ever Management Innovation Contest in the category of Re-Inventing Leadership organized by Management Innovation eXchange (MIX ) founded by Gary … Continue reading

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Quotes – 12

New ideas pass through three periods: 1) It can’t be done. 2) It probably can be done, but it’s not worth doing. 3) I knew it was a good idea all along! – Arthur C. Clarke A legendary hero is … Continue reading

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When in Doubt, Leave it Out (Why Less is More)

It’s counter-intuitive – especially to Americans.  But often less is more. Minimalism beats clutter.  Substance trumps verbosity. For years I’ve been offering advice on how to better communicate and for years I’ve seen most people commit the same universal mistake: … Continue reading

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What can the Corporate World learn from Sachin Tendulkar?

It was a chilly winter day in Pakistan over twenty years ago. A young and furiously fast Waqar Younis delivered a thunderbolt of a short pitched ball which cruelly thudded into the face of the sixteen year old kid who … Continue reading

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2011 Asian-U.S. Business Summit & Expo

CEOMAG are pleased to associate with 2011 Asian-U.S.  Business Summit & Expo. Building Bridges for Asian & U.S. Prosperity Highlight & Schedule of the Summit & Expo GLOBAL BUSINESS MATCHMAKING EVENT Thursday –  January 13, 2011 – 1:00pm – 6:00pm … Continue reading

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Quotes – 11

Most people I ask little from. I try to give them much, and expect nothing in return and I do very well in the bargain.- François Fénelon Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must … Continue reading

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The Twitters and Facebooks of Tomorrow

Ron Conway is thought to have made more investments than anyone else in Web 2.0, supporting hundreds of startups as seed and angel investor. He showcased some of his investment at the Web 2.0 summit 2010, some of which are … Continue reading

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