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How to Create Powerful Dashboard Reports in Excel

Create powerful Excel dashboards and executive reports. This video displays a dynamic Excel dashboard 3 Excel Tips to increase your productivity

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The top 5 ways companies waste money implementing Lean Six Sigma:

The top 5 ways companies waste money implementing Lean Six Sigma: 1. Top Down CEO Commitment 2. Widespread implementation 3. Training Belts and Teams 4. viagra professional Failure to Focus 5. Lean Six Sigma Software

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Roundtable on India’s Future and Opportunities in Outsourcing

Watch Peter-Bendor Samuel talk about India’s future in sourcing industry at NASSCOM 2011 roundtable.

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Financial Leverage : Does Time = Money ?

An interesting video addressing the myth Is Time = Money ?

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A Dashboard for CEO

CEO is a leader within an organization with power &has the authority to take actions, and takes up tasks.  The CEO chosen by the management, has to ensure that he delivers.  CEO is one powerful central authority for any organization. … Continue reading

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How do you make your Sales 10x easier ?

Learn about the New Low Cost Customer Acquisition Models and the 9 steps to a  Customer Centric Funnel Design. Building a sales & marketing machine View more presentations from David Skok

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Don’t forget your People on Achieving Victory

Author : Radhakrishnan ‘Chanakya’ Pillai People struggle for their countries as freedom fighters or soldiers. But when we finally become victorious, it’s our duty and responsibility to free those who are caught by opponents, like prisoners of war (POWs). Chanakya … Continue reading

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Buffett and The Art of Giving

This article was buy cialis tabs first published on Warren Buffett, the smartest investor in the world, known as the Oracle of Omaha for his pronouncements on investments and the state of the markets, is in India and is … Continue reading

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Rajesh Jain’s Recommended Reading – 18

This week’s links: Little Bets Are The Ones That Turn Into Billion-Dollar Ideas: by Peter Sims. “Small bets are affordable and achievable ways to learn about problems and opportunities, while big bets are for capitalizing upon them.” Whom should a start-up … Continue reading

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Corporates are like families – Subroto Bagchi

Subroto Bagchi speaks at Best Workplace Awards Night 2010 by Great Place to Work Institute, India. Subroto Bagchi is best known for co-founding MindTree in 1999 where he started as the Chief Operating Officer. He has also authored three business … Continue reading

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