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How to use experts — and when not to

We make important decisions every day — and we often rely on experts to help us decide. But, says economist Noreena Hertz, relying too much on experts can be limiting and even dangerous. She calls for us to start democratizing … Continue reading

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What is this beast called “customer focussed strategy”?

I came across this post by Becky Carroll and it got me thinking and I’d like to share that thinking with you.  This post is rather long, technical in parts (though I have made an effort to keep it simple … Continue reading

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When the Boardroom is Bits

A very very exciting talk by Steve Blank on the need to re-define how Board Meetings are being conducted. One of the most practical talks I have heard which will immediately impact the positive progress of every organization, small or … Continue reading

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Are you a problem solver or a solution finder?

Bill Taylor argues that the best leaders don’t have all the answers—they know where to look for them and how to bring the hidden genius in (and the collective genius around) their organizations to light.

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The Crab Manager

“You should understand the history of this organization before taking any decision on this.” Crab Manager was commenting on the proposal brought by the Young Professional. This professional was recruited to set up the department in the organization. Crab Manager … Continue reading

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What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is an objective ranking of one sales lead against another. This not only helps align the right follow-up to the corresponding inquiry, it also helps marketing and sales professionals identify where each prospect is in the buying process. … Continue reading

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12 Awesome Facebook Stats, Charts & Graphs

Very interesting stats about Facebook. Facebook has become the preferred way of sharing content, second only to email. The most surprising to me was, Most US B2B marketers agree that Facebook is an effective marketing tool. FACEBOOK 51% compared to … Continue reading

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SEO for Startups

Getting Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) right has a huge pay-off ,but its not easy. Where should you invest your efforts and what should you ignore ? What is Vertical Search and how do you benefit from it? A good … Continue reading

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Ramblings and useful reminders on customer-centricity

Caring for existing customers is a new construct for large companies The focus of the largest most successful companies has been on attracting new customers.  Caring for new customers is relatively recent invention and a new construct for these companies.  … Continue reading

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Five Powerful Elements of Customer Engagement

People are real, they don’t want to be a number. But they want a relationship that works best for them. View more presentations from John Merritt

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