6 Building Blocks of Execution : Video by Ram Charan, coach to world’s most successful CEO’s

Ram Charan is an influential advisor, speaker and bestselling author who has coached hundreds of the world’s most successful CEOs.

1. Laser Sharp Focus : Vision is not enough, Strategy is not enough

2. Know the Guts of the business : Sub-conscious, Internal Stuff that needs to be communicated to the team

3. Right people in the Right Job : Wrong people create lot of energy drain

4. Managing a Social System : Tighten the Social System between your team and team of Client

5. 3 Core Processes : Strategic Planning Process, Talent and Success Planning, Annual Budgeting

6. Follow-through habit : Follow through and Follow through

People Learn, but don’t practise, and unless you practise you don’t convert into mastery, mastery comes with practise.

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