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Converting Existing Managers into Future Ready Leaders

There is a critical need to make a paradigm shift in the way organizations function and this includes their culture, attitude and strategic thinking. The need of the hour is to convert the existing managers into leaders who can leverage the potential of their team as a whole and ensure a proactive workforce where every individual feels responsible and accountable for results. For an organization that wants to grow, achieve its business goals and stay competitive, it is time to reinvent itself.
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Tipping Point of Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership really matters in a downturn. In the good times financial results (and their rewards) can be motivating enough. But when results are uninspiring, employees need something more. They need a working environment that inspires their individual effort and team commitment. They need a climate that drives performance. Continue reading

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Leading with Soul

India – A Strong Achieving Society   We ( in India) live and work in an achievement-reverent culture.  We have always relied on our drive to do better than before, push the boundaries, get great results in the wake of … Continue reading

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