Book Review : Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen

Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen:How 11 Indians Pulled Off The Impossible by Porus Munshi

India is known as a country not of innovation but of improvisation—or ‘Jugaad’, as they say in Hindi. But that has begun to change. We have enough examples in this country of people who have turned industry norms upside down to pull off the impossible in their fields. Eleven such case studies are featured in the book, including: Titan, which came out with the slimmest water-resistant watch in the world; Su-Kam, a power backup company that did not fit into an existing industry but ended up creating a new one; Shantha Biotech, which developed a low-cost Hepatitis-B vaccine and ushered in the biotechnology age in India; Trichy Police, which rewrote policing paradigms to nip extremism and crime in the bud, thus transforming the city. Through the breakthroughs achieved by these organizations, Porus Munshi shows that to do what is considered ‘impossible’ in your particular industry, you have to be subversive and think differently. In the process, if the existing business model needs to be turned on its head, then so be it!

Author Porus Munshi is a partner consultant at Erehwon Innovation Consulting, a company dedicated to fuelling innovation in India. He triggers and facilitates innovation missions and works with top leadership teams, helping them make mindset shifts.

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  • Deepak Singh

    A remarkable piece of work and only book after The Alchemist that I finished with abated breath, putting everything else to a break. Gifted by Mr Kunwer Sachdev, one of the 11 legends, I preserve this masterpiece as a constant light. This is relevant to everyone – beyond CEOs on expansion spree, struggling startups, wannabe entrepreneurs, or, even anyone in day-to-day life as un-connected to business as a Himalayan saint. It is about discovering the orbit-shift to maximize opportunities in maximum crisis :)

    • Kolbusz

      I totally agree with you, Deepak. Kunwer Sachdev’s true rags to riches story inspires everyone. It makes us believe that success is not something that happens to you – it is something that you create.