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Designer's v/s. Programmers

Inspired by the legacy of Steve Jobs and lured by the promise of the current tech boom, young designers are flocking to Silicon Valley, where they’re shaking up a scene long dominated by engineers and programmers. dissertation introduction The time has never been … Continue reading

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Highlights from the 2011 Best Experience Brands Global Study

Author : Maz Iqbal I have read the Best Experience Brands report published by Jack Morton Worldwide and want to share the highlights with you.  For the purposes of the report and this post a ‘Brand Experience” is defined as … Continue reading

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What Video Games Can Teach Us About Real Time Marketing

Don’t Create Campaigns, Create Missions. A very breakthrough presentation on applying some key learning from Video Games. What Video Games Can Teach Us About Real Time Marketing View more presentations from CM Summit: Marketing in Real Time

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20 Experts, 1 Awesome Resource: The Social Media ProBook

Several of the best and brightest in social business collaborated to give away this fantastic book for free, The Social Media Probook. A must read. you can download the Web version here or the print version here or read it … Continue reading

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The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get

Author : Mark Suster Overnight success. It’s one of the biggest myths in the tech industry. It’s an ongoing struggle to overcome this bias. I say “struggle to overcome” because I care about young people entering our industry with a set of … Continue reading

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The Art of Persuasion

A very interesting video that tries and look at ways in which an idea, a product or a person can be sold to a wider world.

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Execution eats strategy for breakfast

A good presentation summing up the importance of Execution and How to grow your brand by delivering when it counts. Even with the best of strategic intentions, you will ultimately be judged by what you can execute and what you … Continue reading

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Future Shock

This is the story of one particular day that dwells on what a brand intrusive future could be like… The neuralcast of my morning dream was interrupted by a digitally simulated hand, gently shaking my mind into consciousness. The time … Continue reading

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Organisational storytelling with Yamini Naidu

As leaders, how do you cut through your key messages. Yamini Naidu, director, One Thousand and One, talks about organisational storytelling and how to use short, compelling stories effectively in the workplace.

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How Twitter began as a 2 week project

Jack Dorsey, Creator, Co-founder and Chairman of Twitter; CEO of Square tweets a fascinating history of how it all started. Check out The first tweet Screenshots of Conversation with Team to build Twitter How the name was finalized The original … Continue reading

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