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Bill Gates on Microsoft Think Week

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates discusses grassroots innovation at Microsoft and how “Think Week” has evolved over the years to become paperless, allowing employees to submit ideas online for review by the top 50 technical leaders in the company. Microsoft CEO … Continue reading

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Too Many Ideas. Not Enough Action ??

The Action Method is a radical approach to productivity and project management. Get Organized and make your ideas happen. The Action Method organizes all your projects into their most basic elements ACTION STEPS are tasks that need to be completed. … Continue reading

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Free Ebook : Winning by Sharing

Winning by Sharing™ is a collection of true stories combined with market research and analysis about the future of work, how profoundly it will affect people in the next decade, and how this will take most people by surprise. Based … Continue reading

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Truth about Project Failures

9 Minutes of good information on how to improve your chances of managing a successful project. Instructor Jeff Minder uses his Interactive Whiteboard to share some tools and techniques on how to elimintae some communication killers in project management.

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Strategies for Successful Engagement of Freelancers

When should you hire freelancers and how do you successfully manage them is the quest of this presentation. Well-structured. Freelancers are slutty, but so are you: Strategies for the successful management of independent contractors View more presentations from Shane Pearlman.

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Intrapreneurship : Developing Corporate Entrepreneurship

Intrapreneurship: Developing Corporate Entrepreneurship

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11 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2011

Source : PCWorld Outsourcing activity is expected to creep back in 2011, but things are hardly getting back to normal in the IT services space. The new year will be marked largely by upheaval–smaller contracts, cloud-related chaos, increased offshoring and … Continue reading

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Benefits of Outsourced Competencies in Business

Enough articles and news items have been written about the growth story of India. We would not want to repeat the same stories and take away your valuable time. We would like to present another key development which is practiced … Continue reading

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Innovation Roadmap and Global Case Studies

The Innovation Roadmap is a comprehensive framework for building a strategic innovation plan that will drive value to any organization. It includes the creation of an innovation strategy, an execution strategy and an e-business strategy, enabled by innovation enablers and … Continue reading

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Practising Economies of Scale in Small Businesses

Small businesses can practice economies of scale but due to constraints (mainly down to size), CO-OPERATION for MUTUAL BENEFIT is the most feasible solution. In other words, by co-operating with similar or local businesses, you can all benefit from reduced … Continue reading

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