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Generation Moth

We now live in the touchscreen paradigm. These interactive glowing rectangles are infiltrating our lives: from our desks to our wrists to our living rooms. These touchsceens are having an even more magnetic effect on children who get attrated to … Continue reading

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Strategic Alliance for 10xGrowth

10X growth starts as a mindset, then requires strategic alliances. 10X growth is actually easier than 3X growth because it requires leveraging strategic partnerships rather than simply trying to grow on your own Read a detailed article @

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World’s Greatest Workplace : MindValley founded by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the co-founder of Mindvalley — a ground-breaking company comprised of innovators, artists, technologist and dreamers from over 30 countries around the world. Founded in 2003, Vishen’s vision for Mindvalley was to build a company whose mission was … Continue reading

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Lie Spotting

On any given day we’re lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and “hotspots” used by those trained to recognize … Continue reading

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How to be the last Airline standing ? THINK DIFFERENT

Indigo has shown in the six years since its inception that it is one smart company (the only profitable Indian airline). In an interview with ET, Rahul Bhatia, the cofounder, reveals a smart executive at the helm who not only … Continue reading

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Transforming Villages with Open Source

This is hugely inspiring, could be a good idea for CEO’s in India and globally to link with their Corporate Social Responsibility and for various NGO’s. Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing the blueprints … Continue reading

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Stop the Drama and Do the Work

Workplace conflicts that turn into melodramas can hurt productivity and team morale. Ed Muzio, president and CEO of Group Harmonics, explains how such conflicts play out and how to resolve them, so everyone can get back to work.

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Dean’s first day as CEO – big idea

A new cartoon series depicting corporate life in America. In this episode, our new CEO “Dean” starts his first day on the job with some big ideas.

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A hidden agenda behind multi-brand retail?

Author : Ajit Dayal , Article Courtesy : Shekar Swamy, the Group CEO of marketing and advertising agency RK Swamy Hansa, has written a very interesting 2- article series in The Hindu Business Line (June 16 and June 17) … Continue reading

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Daniel Pink: From Motivation 2.0 to Motivation 3.0

Daniel Pink describes why it’s so hard to make the transition from old-school control to new-age engagement—and how the most progressive organizations make the shift. Daniel H. Pink is the author of four provocative books about the changing world of … Continue reading

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