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‘Customer Engagement’: old wine in a new bottle or new realms of possibility?

Customer engagement is the new buzzword.  Whenever a new buzzword shows up it suggests that either we have ‘old wine in a new bottle’ or that  ‘new realms of possibility’ has shown up.  If you fall for the ‘old wine … Continue reading

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Am I working with or against nature ?

A brilliant presentation on the Biology of Business. Concepts from complexity science point the way to a healthier world for business, communities and individuals. These concepts explain explain the dynamics of change in living systems that affect business success in … Continue reading

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Short term or Long Term : How would you answer this question if you were the CEO?

When it comes to customer-centricity there is only ONE question If you grapple with the Customer stuff for long enough you get past all the surface issues – data, CRM systems, processes, metrics, people etc- and see that it all … Continue reading

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Developing a Culture of Speed

Quality improvement is a cultural changes and one may need about 20 years to change the culture. This was a famous saying of Philip Crosby. This was much applicable in last century. But time is changing and so the business. … Continue reading

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