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Highlights from the 2011 Best Experience Brands Global Study

Author : Maz Iqbal I have read the Best Experience Brands report published by Jack Morton Worldwide and want to share the highlights with you.  For the purposes of the report and this post a ‘Brand Experience” is defined as … Continue reading

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Where do I start with my Customer Experience programme?

One of the questions that comes up again and again is where do I/we start on improving the customer experience?  Well you can put in place a VoC platform and wait for the results to come in and then act.  … Continue reading

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Seth Godin : Why are so many things broken?

Seth Godin gives a tour of things poorly designed, the reasons why they are that way, and how to fix them. Very entertaining talk, lot of hidden insights and opportunities.

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What is this beast called “customer focussed strategy”?

I came across this post by Becky Carroll and it got me thinking and I’d like to share that thinking with you.  This post is rather long, technical in parts (though I have made an effort to keep it simple … Continue reading

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Ramblings and useful reminders on customer-centricity

Caring for existing customers is a new construct for large companies The focus of the largest most successful companies has been on attracting new customers.  Caring for new customers is relatively recent invention and a new construct for these companies.  … Continue reading

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Five Powerful Elements of Customer Engagement

People are real, they don’t want to be a number. But they want a relationship that works best for them. View more presentations from John Merritt

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Are you confusing marketing focus with customer focus?

Here is what the latest Forrester reports says on loyalty schemes I just read a piece by marketing week that discusses the key findings of the latest Forrester report on customer loyalty schemes.  Here are the key points that speak … Continue reading

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