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The Beginning of the End of the World Economy, the way we have seen it

I am not a doomsayer. But, I have kept cribbing, since 2004, about the ill-effects of lop-sided economic development. Just three weeks before the world started talking about another recession, I published a note expressing fears of not just another … Continue reading

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Brining Incredible Ideas to Market : Talk by Bill Gross, CEO of IdeaLab

Bill Gross thrives on turning innovative ideas into pioneering companies. He serves as founder and CEO of Idealab, which started over 75 companies since 1996. In this stimulating lecture, he shares how Idealab continues to bring incredible ideas to market, … Continue reading

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What Is Leverage In Your Business?

Join Dr. Brad Semp in this popular ‘unLOAD Segment’ of his hit WebTV show called the Effortless Productivity show where he covers the importance of leveraging your actions. LOAD in the video presentation stands for Leverage, Outsourcing, Automation and Delegation. … Continue reading

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Fixed to Flexible

Four Simple Lessons About Cost, Price, Margin and The Options Available to The 21st Century Business by Todd Sattersten Fixed to Flexible – The Ebook

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Ted Talk : How algorithms shape our world

Kevin Slavin in his Ted Talk argues that we’re living in a world designed for — and increasingly controlled by — algorithms. In this riveting talk from TEDGlobal, he shows how these complex computer programs determine: espionage tactics, stock prices, … Continue reading

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Fast Future’s 100 Predictions for 2011-2012 – Part 1 – Inevitable Surprises

Author : Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future Over the next few issues we’ll share 100 predictions we’ve put together to help you in planning for the next 18 months within your organisation. We are starting with 20 ‘inevitable surprises’ – … Continue reading

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Sparkling Ted Talk : Trial, Error and God Complex

Economics writer Tim Harford studies complex systems — and finds a surprising link among the successful ones: they were built through trial and error. In this sparkling talk from TEDGlobal 2011, he asks us to embrace our randomness and start … Continue reading

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How to Invent : The Idea Hexagon by Ramesh Raskar

I had a fantastic time listening to the talk by Ramesh Raskar of MIT Media Lab organized by Pune Startups and NCL Innovation Park It was great to hear about his extremely low cost eye care devices which can be … Continue reading

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Laws of Simplicity

A very small presentation by John Maeda of The Media Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology, highlighting the key laws of Simplicity. Laws Of Simplicity View more presentations from deepaknagar

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What to do When a Tech Giant Decides to Eat Your Lunch

Author : Mark Suster An edited version of this post originally ran on TechCrunch. This version has some additional details on a portfolio company I’ve invested in, which are disclosed below. WWDC. The annual Apple event where no real hints … Continue reading

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