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Converting Existing Managers into Future Ready Leaders

There is a critical need to make a paradigm shift in the way organizations function and this includes their culture, attitude and strategic thinking. The need of the hour is to convert the existing managers into leaders who can leverage the potential of their team as a whole and ensure a proactive workforce where every individual feels responsible and accountable for results. For an organization that wants to grow, achieve its business goals and stay competitive, it is time to reinvent itself.
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What Is Leadership? By Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is considered the Leader of Leaders, one of the top 10 Leadership Gurus. He shares in the video on What is Leadership? What Makes a Great Leader? Are Leaders born or bred ?

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Developing the CEO Within You

An interview with Joseph L. Bower, Professor, Harvard Business School. To become an effective CEO, work for companies committed to leadership development, and take responsibility for your own development on the job.

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Leadership Mantra by Abha Banerjee

Leaders and the led are the essence of any project. Emotions matter and feelings are one of the most powerful resources you have. Your personal qualities as a leader, your personality as a Leader all matter. Learn about the 5 … Continue reading

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IBM Survey of 1500+ CEO’s, Managers and Leaders

How are leaders responding to a competitive and economic environment unlike anything that has come before? To find out, IBM  conducted faceto- face interviews with 1,541 CEOs, general managers and senior public sector leaders around the world.4 Those conversations, in … Continue reading

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Tipping Point of Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership really matters in a downturn. In the good times financial results (and their rewards) can be motivating enough. But when results are uninspiring, employees need something more. They need a working environment that inspires their individual effort and team commitment. They need a climate that drives performance. Continue reading

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When the Boardroom is Bits

A very very exciting talk by Steve Blank on the need to re-define how Board Meetings are being conducted. One of the most practical talks I have heard which will immediately impact the positive progress of every organization, small or … Continue reading

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Are you a problem solver or a solution finder?

Bill Taylor argues that the best leaders don’t have all the answers—they know where to look for them and how to bring the hidden genius in (and the collective genius around) their organizations to light.

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Mr. Marwari – Have you met Mr. Tata?

Author : Alok Kejriwal, First Published at In the past 12 years of pavement pounding and boardroom hustling, I have had the honour of doing business with the biggest companies in India.  Nothing compares to the experience of dealing … Continue reading

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Does Hiring A CEO Without Industry Knowledge Pay Off?

Experts say that visionary leaders can succeed as CEOs and serve as change agents — without industry-specific experience. But they also note that hiring industry outsiders can be a trap if the CEO can’t make critical adjustments. What is your … Continue reading

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