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Strategic Alliance for 10xGrowth

10X growth starts as a mindset, then requires strategic alliances. 10X growth is actually easier than 3X growth because it requires leveraging strategic partnerships rather than simply trying to grow on your own Read a detailed article @

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Business Growth Share Matrix

A business growth share matrix is a business tool that illustrates market growth. Construct a business growth share matrix with tips from a marketing professor, business entrepreneur and strategy consultant in this free video on business.

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Google : 2011 Annual Stockholder’s Meeting and Earnings Call

Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, David Drummond, Susan Wojcicki, and Patrick Pichette participate in the 2011 Annual Stockholders meeting. Some interesting quotes by Larry Page “We’re only at 1% of what is possible” “Technology Industry is really on fire” “My goal … Continue reading

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Increasing Capacity and Yet Saving Rs.1700 crores

Source : Forbes India Demand of cars in India has been increasing, but Maruti didn’t anticipate such a spurt in demand and hence couldn’t invest in capacity building.  But M.M. Singh came to the rescue and with marginal investment into … Continue reading

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Strategies for a Two-speed world

Source : Knowledge @ Wharton Welcome to “the new normal” — a two-speed world in which two types of economies are emerging: low-growth and high-growth. On the one hand, rapidly developing countries such as China, India and Brazil are characterized … Continue reading

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The fame and folly of cornering a market

A visual history of the successes, but mostly failures, of moguls who tried to corner a market.

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