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Mobile Money by Probir Roy

Sir, how would you like to pay – Cash, card or Phone? Mobile Money can become the preferred payment method   says Probir Roy, Co Founder & Promoter, PayMate There are four billion mobile phones today in the world. Three quarters … Continue reading

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Five Powerful Elements of Customer Engagement

People are real, they don’t want to be a number. But they want a relationship that works best for them. View more presentations from John Merritt

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Increasing Capacity and Yet Saving Rs.1700 crores

Source : Forbes India Demand of cars in India has been increasing, but Maruti didn’t anticipate such a spurt in demand and hence couldn’t invest in capacity building.  But M.M. Singh came to the rescue and with marginal investment into … Continue reading

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The top 5 ways companies waste money implementing Lean Six Sigma:

The top 5 ways companies waste money implementing Lean Six Sigma: 1. Top Down CEO Commitment 2. Widespread implementation 3. Training Belts and Teams 4. viagra professional Failure to Focus 5. Lean Six Sigma Software

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How Twitter began as a 2 week project

Jack Dorsey, Creator, Co-founder and Chairman of Twitter; CEO of Square tweets a fascinating history of how it all started. Check out The first tweet Screenshots of Conversation with Team to build Twitter How the name was finalized The original … Continue reading

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Pramod Bhasin on Smart Enterprise Processes (SEP)

Genpact President & CEO, Pramod Bhasin explains the concept behind Smart Enterprise Processes (SEP). SEP represents a dramatic step in the evolution of process management, applying for the first time a true and much overdue science to business process, he … Continue reading

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The Hard Part and Soft Part of Organization Process

Any Organization Processes has 2 Parts , The Hard Part i.e. Processes, Procedures, Measurement, Metrics, Structures, Tools etc. and The Soft Part i.e. Ideas, Fears, Excitement, Resistance, Attitudes, Buy-In of the People who do the hard part. Which is more … Continue reading

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