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What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is an objective ranking of one sales lead against another. This not only helps align the right follow-up to the corresponding inquiry, it also helps marketing and sales professionals identify where each prospect is in the buying process. … Continue reading

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Five Powerful Elements of Customer Engagement

People are real, they don’t want to be a number. But they want a relationship that works best for them. View more presentations from John Merritt

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Should I Promote My Top Sales Person to Sales Manager?

Before promoting your top sales person into sales management, make sure you’re making the right move for your company and the sales person. – By Lee B. Salz

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How Sales People WANT To Be Managed…And How They SHOULD Be Managed

Sales people often say they want to be managed as if they were operating their own business. And, that’s exactly how they should be managed. Yet, there is a disconnect between how sales people perceive running a business works…and real-life. … Continue reading

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Misconception : LinkedIn Is a Waste Of a Sales Person's Time!

I continue to be amazed by the number of sales people who feel that LinkedIn doesn’t provide any value to them. Yet, these same people spend countless hours on Facebook telling people what they ate for breakfast, are leaving for … Continue reading

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Improving Sales: The Excuse Department is Closed

Author : Mark Suster Most technology startups seem to be funded by product people or business people.  Specifically what is often not in the DNA of founders are sales skills. Nor do they exist in the investors of early-stage companies. … Continue reading

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Should I Promote My Top Sales Person to Sales Manager?

Can all great sales people becomes great Sales Manager ? Should you Promote your top sales person, put six people underneath them, and generate six times the sales. ? Thought Provoking article by Lee Salz. Lee Salz is a sales … Continue reading

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Sales Process Mapping

Learn the Best Practises in Sales Management focused around customer interaction View more presentations from

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How do you make your Sales 10x easier ?

Learn about the New Low Cost Customer Acquisition Models and the 9 steps to a  Customer Centric Funnel Design. Building a sales & marketing machine View more presentations from David Skok

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Steve Jobs, The Magic Man on iBooks, iPhone, iPad, iPad 2

Steve Jobs updates on the progress of Apple and how it is changing lives of people. 1 million downloads 25,000 publishers distributing on iBooks Apple now has 200 million accounts has credit card with 1 click purchase $ 2 billion … Continue reading

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