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The Surprising Math of Cities and Corporations

Physicist Geoffrey West has found that simple, mathematical laws govern the properties of cities – that wealth, crime rate, walking speed and many other aspects of a city can be deduced from a single number: the city’s population. In this … Continue reading

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‘Customer Engagement’: old wine in a new bottle or new realms of possibility?

Customer engagement is the new buzzword.  Whenever a new buzzword shows up it suggests that either we have ‘old wine in a new bottle’ or that  ‘new realms of possibility’ has shown up.  If you fall for the ‘old wine … Continue reading

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Short term or Long Term : How would you answer this question if you were the CEO?

When it comes to customer-centricity there is only ONE question If you grapple with the Customer stuff for long enough you get past all the surface issues – data, CRM systems, processes, metrics, people etc- and see that it all … Continue reading

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What is this beast called “customer focussed strategy”?

I came across this post by Becky Carroll and it got me thinking and I’d like to share that thinking with you.  This post is rather long, technical in parts (though I have made an effort to keep it simple … Continue reading

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Mark Suster addresses the Dilemma Services or Products ?

Author : Mark Suster There’s a line of thinking in Silicon Valley that you should build product businesses rather than services businesses. This thinking is largely driven by the venture capital industry (and subsequently Wall Street) who are in search … Continue reading

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From Idea To Impact: Escaping The Strategy Trap

Strategy Trap : The action of retreating to the comfort zone of planning when the going gets tough. Do you notice the presence of Strategy Trap ? Does your day just passes by and nothing major gets accomplished ? How … Continue reading

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The CEO Office

As a CEO you may feel that your role is strategic. But, the operational stuff keeps you busy! We know, that you are not alone with this. Learn about The Infrastructure for superior Corporate Management, Governance, Leadership and Performance! The … Continue reading

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Dell on building an effective board of directors

Michael Dell shares his own lessons learned as CEO & Founder of Dell, Inc. In this clip he discusses the importance of building an effective board of directors.

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Pricing Strategies

pricing strategy

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7 Steps to a Successful Enterprise Architecture with the Cloud by Salesforce

How can you insert the cloud into your enterprise architecture to reduce costs while increasing strategic agility? Practical lessons on how to effectively evolve your IT architecture to take advantage of key cloud design principles and see road maps from … Continue reading

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