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The Spiritual Practice of Work

This is a fun video to watch along with your team specially those who are not enjoying their work and are always complaining and being negative. 07.31.11 Lesson for “The Spiritual Practice of Work” from First Unitarian Church on Vimeo.

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Converting Existing Managers into Future Ready Leaders

There is a critical need to make a paradigm shift in the way organizations function and this includes their culture, attitude and strategic thinking. The need of the hour is to convert the existing managers into leaders who can leverage the potential of their team as a whole and ensure a proactive workforce where every individual feels responsible and accountable for results. For an organization that wants to grow, achieve its business goals and stay competitive, it is time to reinvent itself.
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Daniel Pink: From Motivation 2.0 to Motivation 3.0

Daniel Pink describes why it’s so hard to make the transition from old-school control to new-age engagement—and how the most progressive organizations make the shift. Daniel H. Pink is the author of four provocative books about the changing world of … Continue reading

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Gary Hamel: Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment

Watch Gary Hamel, celebrated management thinker and author and co-founder of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), make the case for reinventing management for the 21st century. In this fast-paced, idea-packed, 15-minute video essay, Hamel paints a vivid picture of what … Continue reading

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Where is the real value in your organization? – Vineey Nayar

HCL Technologies CEO Vineet Nayar describes the company’s “employees first, customers second” principle—and the innovation journey it launched.

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When the Boardroom is Bits

A very very exciting talk by Steve Blank on the need to re-define how Board Meetings are being conducted. One of the most practical talks I have heard which will immediately impact the positive progress of every organization, small or … Continue reading

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Should I Promote My Top Sales Person to Sales Manager?

Before promoting your top sales person into sales management, make sure you’re making the right move for your company and the sales person. – By Lee B. Salz

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How Sales People WANT To Be Managed…And How They SHOULD Be Managed

Sales people often say they want to be managed as if they were operating their own business. And, that’s exactly how they should be managed. Yet, there is a disconnect between how sales people perceive running a business works…and real-life. … Continue reading

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Does Hiring A CEO Without Industry Knowledge Pay Off?

Experts say that visionary leaders can succeed as CEOs and serve as change agents — without industry-specific experience. But they also note that hiring industry outsiders can be a trap if the CEO can’t make critical adjustments. What is your … Continue reading

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Overcoming Yes,But… by Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL

Vineet Nayar is chief executive officer and whole time board director of HCL Technologies, Ltd., (HCLT), one of the world’s fastest-growing information technology services company with ~55,000 employees spread across 31 countries and one that has become recognized around the … Continue reading

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