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You Need to Win the Battle for Share of Mind

Author : Mark Suster This article first appeared on TechCrunch.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the proliferation of starutps in the past 2 years. It seems almost incomprehensible that only 2.5 years ago we read the “RIP Good … Continue reading

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What I did with $100 million

An interesting article in Hindustan Times featuring some of the dot-com entrepreneurs and investors like Rajesh Jain, Pravin Gandhi, Vishal Gondal, Roshan D’Silva and Alok Kejriwal. Click here to read the detailed article.

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The VC Bomb on Investors and Entrepreneurs

A very brilliant Presentation by Georges van Hoegaerden giving a top-down analysis of the Venture Eco-System and how Venture Capitalists have let down Investors and Entrepreneurs. Also interesting read by George is Pension Funds still don’t get it.

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How to structure lnvestment Deals

A very informative presentation for Startup CEO’s by Ben Holmes on – Funding Options – How to attract and engage investors – How to structure Venture Capital: An Entrepreneur's Manual View more presentations from Ben Holmes.

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