Don’t forget your People on Achieving Victory

Author : Radhakrishnan ‘Chanakya’ Pillai

People struggle for their countries as freedom fighters or soldiers. But when we finally become victorious, it’s our duty and responsibility to free those who are caught by opponents, like prisoners of war (POWs).

Chanakya had said the same thing: “When grown in strength, he should bring about the liberation of the hostage” (7.17.32)

In the case of the Indian freedom struggle too, several members of the Indian National Army (INA) were held at prisons in the Andamans. When we got freedom, they were rescued and also given awards and other national benefits. It was the right thing to do, especially after the country became victorious in her struggle for freedom.

Now how do we practice this in our organisations?

The head of each organisation should be aware of people who fight for him or her. Keep track of the people who have been with you in difficult times. Spend some time with them and also their families. You will be surprised to know of the sacrifices the person and their families make. In case of a large company or a nation, the leader should keep track of groups of people who have fought for him or her – communities, local committees, religious leaders, etc.

After achieving the target, leaders should not sit down and enjoy the resultant power. Instead, look back at people who fought for you. In companies too, when we have gone through a difficult phase – like a financial setback or a recession period – look back at those who were committed. So when you rise in life, understand that this freedom brings new responsibilities. Also, if someone is held hostage (or down with problems), immediately release them (solve their problems).


Finally, never forget the most important task – making sure that your followers’ sacrifices do not go unnoticed. Bring the heroes into the limelight and let them tell their stories. Document their struggle and let others get inspired. These heroes are the pillars of any institution and should be rewarded. If any generation has to look back and it does not find any sacrificing people, they will take your hard-earned success for granted. So ensure people know what it took to reach where you are now. And the best way to do this is to recognise those who helped you in becoming victorious.

Author : Radhakrishnan ‘Chanakya’ Pillai

The author is a ‘strategic leadership’ trainer and consultant and also the Director of SPM FOUNDATION, the vision of which is to bring back ancient Indian knowledge in modern day applications. Can be contacted at

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