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Winning by Sharing™ is a collection of true stories combined with market research and analysis about the future of work, how profoundly it will affect people in the next decade, and how this will take most people by surprise.

Based on the personal experience of the author Leon Benjamin, it describes the new ways in which in freedom-loving individuals are choosing to work, buy and invest.

About Leon Benjamin : Leon has spent 20 years designing and delivering real-time solutions in financial services, telecoms and travel, for blue chip companies, counting Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Digital, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Barclays Capital, Andersen Consulting, Airtours, Opodo and British Telecom (BT).

“The internet has caused a fundamental change in attitude towards work and the realisation that a ‘career’ has ceased to be a feasible way to organise working life. I now view work as an instrument of self-development and personal autonomy and entrepreneurship not as a status symbol, but as an attitude – an attitude that everyone is going to need.” Léon Benjamin

Winning by Sharing™ is a modern hero’s tale – the story of an individual forced to leave the shelter of the corporate world and transform himself from a well paid “techie” to creative strategist, earning a living in fits and starts by using his wits, his imagination and drawing on his innate curiosity and powers of observation. Most importantly, it shows how individuals are taking control of their own lives and creating their own supportive communities.


The insights and observations made in Winning by Sharing™ have relevance to all participants in the network economy:

  • Senior executives in major brands need to read this if they want to understand how to attract and retain the talent they need to lead their enterprises through unprecedented waves of change and turbulence.
  • Employees, be they satisfied or discontent with their current job, need to read it to better understand how to survive outside the shelter of corporate employment. A complex and very different set of skills are needed to survive and thrive as an “emergent” worker. According to Spherion, this way of working – likely to involve over 50% of the working population by 2007, with 40% moving that way – offers its rewards but comes at a price.
  • Existing and aspiring “emergent” or “portfolio” workers need to read it if they wish to learn how to cope in globally connected economy when competition for knowledge-related work will increasingly come from offshore.
  • Policy makers and supportive business sectors (banking, insurance, financial planning) need to read it, if they wish to anticipate the unique requirements of individuals working for themselves.
  • Students should also read Winning by Sharing™ and take heed. Their schooling has inadequately prepared them for the real “loosely coupled” economy of outsourcing, alliances and confederations.

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