Google’s 7 Predictions for Display Advertising in 2015

Google Vice President of Product Management, Neal Mohan, and Google’s Barry Salzman, Managing Director of Media and Platforms for the Americas presented the 7 Predictions for display advertising in 2015 in IAB’S MIXX Conference in New York.

The 7 Predictions are

  • Video: 50% of display ads will include cost-per-view video
  • Real-time: 50% of ad buying will happen in real time
  • Mobile: The most popular screen will be on-the-go
  • Click: Five metrics will be more important than the click
  • Social: 75% of ads will be socially enabled
  • Rich Media: 50% of brand campaigns will feature rich media
  • $50 Billion: Display advertising will be a $50 billion industry

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