Meet 5 amazing innovators from rural India

Source : National Innovation Foundation

There is no end to farmers’ woes in India. Even as prices of farm products rise, the poor farmer only gets poorer with middlemen and traders making all the money.

The only hope for millions of farmers is simple solutions to make their farming practices easier and cost effective. Meet farmers-turned-innovators, who are transforming the agriculture sector with their unique and affordable solutions . . .

Uddhab Bharali who innovated Pomegranate De-seeder, Arecanut Peeler, Cassava peeler, Bamboo processing machines

Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia who innovated lever operated farm machine, motorcycle operated agricultural device, sensor system for irrigating fields, a personalized bulb with an added circuit to increase life, multi-purpose machine consisting of a generator, a water lifting pump, a flour mill and an iron cutting machine

Dhirajlal Virjibhai Thummar who innovated a new wilt resistant groundnut variety

Pandharinath Sarjerao More who innovated semi-automatic transplanter for timely sowing of onion seedlings, water pump controller, a biogas stove

Mushtaq Ahmad Dar who innovated a machine that can crack walnuts and peel the green ones, device to restrict nicotine inhalation for smokers, magnetic leveler for fields, manual electricity generator and a handy fruit plucker.

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