My Heart says Yes, but my schedule says NO

I just Read This , it is a very very good article by Dharmesh Shah, Founder of Hubspot and an  Angel Investor in around 20 startups.

I’ve learned the lesson that every time that I say yes to something new, I am effectively saying no to something else. And, I’ve already said yes to too many things, and so have to say “no” to you. No, I can’t accept a request for a call, a meeting or some time to review your startup or your business opportunity.  Embarrassingly, I’m unlikely to be able to respond to your email (though I do read just about all of them).

Although my heart says yes, I must say no.

A must read for all those like me who find hard to stay focussed and say NO.
The article by Dharmesh also has links to very good resources for startups and twitter id’s of some very good startup thought leaders.

Last two months, I have been feeling the same as Dharmesh and I have been consciously practising saying NO to requests where I cannot do 100% justice.

I have also committed myself to once again spend quality time on CEOMAG and do my small contribution to helping Business Leaders run their organizations more effectively.

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  • Gaurang Shah

    I guess this is part of the bigger introspection process asking myself classic questions by Brian Tracy:
    What worked?; What didn’t work?; 
    What should I do more of?; What should I do less of?; 
    What should I start doing?; and What should I stop doing?