Rajesh Jain’s Recommended Reading – 1

  • The Data Analytics Boom: from Forbes. “As interesting as the range of its application are the many converging reasons for the rise of interest in analytics.”
  • Economist special report on Smart Systems: “The real and the digital worlds are converging, bringing much greater efficiency and lots of new opportunities.”
  • India Rising: from Foreign Policy. “From the economy to Afghanistan to grand strategy, six looks at an emerging superpower.”
  • Rise of Tomorrow’s Middle Class: by Sanjeev Sanyal, about the new Middle India. “We need to change the way we think of slums and small towns – this is where the new middle class is being created.”
  • The Crossroads Nation: by David Brooks, about the USA in the future. “[The US].. is well situated to be the center of global networks and to nurture the right kinds of networks.”

Rajesh Jain is an entrepeneur based in Mumbai, Founder and Managing Director of Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd (messaging and security solutions, and mobile data services), and have made a number of investments in various companies as part of his own fund (Emergic Venture Capital). He had earlier set up IndiaWorld, India’s first Internet portal which was launched in 1995, which was  acquired by Sify in November 1999 for USD 115 million (then, Rs 499 crore).

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