Rajesh Jain's Recommended Reading – 17

This week’s links:

  • How to estimate market size: by Jeremy Liew. “TAM is really a pretty simple concept – it is what your revenue would be if you had 100% market share in your business.”
  • Using Influence to Getting Things Done: from strategy+business. “Convincing senior management colleagues to follow your lead requires a blend of skills that add up to influential competence.”
  • : from NYTimes. See the 8 good behaviours.
  • The case against News: by Bryan Caplan. “News, I like to say, is the lie that something important happens every day.”
  • Manmohan Singh Epitomizes Evil: by Atanu Dey. Read and feel the outrage. ” India’s government is the greatest evil force that is destroying India. Manmohan Singh epitomizes that evil since he heads that government. So I believe that unless we wake up and destroy those who seek our destruction, we would be responsible for our demise.”

Rajesh Jain is an entrepeneur based in Mumbai, Founder and Managing Director of Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd (messaging and security solutions, and mobile data services), and have made a number of investments in various companies as part of his own fund (Emergic Venture Capital). He had earlier set up IndiaWorld, India’s first Internet portal which was launched in 1995, which was  acquired by Sify in November 1999 for USD 115 million (then, Rs 499 crore).

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