SoloPreneurship and Co-Creation : A never before opportunity

In a world where SoloPreneuring is the fastest growing field, in a world where being laid off is the number one corporate business activity, how much survival do you expect for free ?

Survival comes from co-creation, common sense and trusted genius.

Out-of-the-box thinkers and ready-to-go-for-it-doers are the new CEO’s in an emerging community (read: economy) that no one understands just yet.

When the shit hits the fan it is nice to have a virtual home to come to where one can be oneself, share ideas and plans without looking over your shoulder afraid the idea might be nicked by a virtual eavesdropper.

The one merger that is interesting is Per-fessional : Personal first, Professional second.

Personal is about mindset (out of the box/nurturing genius); Attitude (safe sharing in gratitude); and Aura (what you sense is what you get)
Professional is about standing up for your expertise and being able to make or facilitate something…..the how-to models and advice-days are long gone

If this platform (read: the people in it) co-create a value proposition that is wildly interesting and facilitating, it could generate new instream of people who want to make an effort in creative contributing instead of selling “the same old routines” (be it product or service)

A pioneer is someone with a twist, a nerd, a fringe dweller, a lunatic …….in the eyes of the majority of beholders

Making Business Networks into a co-creation machine of thousands of people worldwide would be an attractive “benefit”

That has not been done in whatever economic model I know of.

If creation is the a main value then genius is it’s fuel. Genius thrives best in a safe haven
without disturbances (like spam and controlling eavesdroppers f.e.)

If business network platform becomes a innovations producing network…not because of the management nor the membership model….it could attract more genius…..I for one would welcome that

There’s a whole world out there (7 billion, mind you) who could be interested in the services and products co-created amongst the members of this platform.

From whatever point of view I look at it…there are more people wanting a free ride and life being handed to them on a silver platter than there are pioneers

There are also …still… more people who enjoy and defend their comfort zone and don’t want to experience any change in that zone….they are the pretty botox-ed happy aye-sayers

There are also ….still more people who like to follow the herd than stick their head above the parapet and risk rejection

Until the moment circumstances force them to….

Are the circumstances still massaging the comfort zone or has the world (global community) arrived at a time and space in which experiences forces one to tap into their personal genius in order to survive???

Question is:

Who do you trust more to create a survival strategy with ?

An out of the box thinker you can trust
or one of your 27.356 friends on a free network founded by governmental bodies?

A networked platform (imho) is here to facilitate the creation of (part of ) your world (the virtual part), with you being the un-elected president in it. Worlds overlap which is no problem in virtual space. So should not networking be all about living in peace with other overlapping worlds and see how they can sustain each other…..?

bit like nature’s has been doing for a zillion years

Instead of opinions rather share vision and paradigm-ical thoughts and insights (ie what is possible, what could your innovative contribution be)

Learn to thrive on the Solopreneurship and Co-Creation model, a never before opportunity.

Lisa Bakker

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