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3 Key Decision you need to take while preparing a Cloud Strategy

What do you think of cloud computing? Whether you view the Cloud as the Future of Computing, or feel that Cloud Computing is a massive hype and will shortly blow away – you are likely to be either drafting or … Continue reading

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Dilemma : Sleeping over a Problem vs. Deciding in a Blink

Barack Obama had chosen to sleep on his decision to authorize the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. This, according to Maarten Bos and Amy Cuddy, is exactly what scientific research would prescribe when facing a complex decision. In Harvard … Continue reading

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Should I Promote My Top Sales Person to Sales Manager?

Before promoting your top sales person into sales management, make sure you’re making the right move for your company and the sales person. – By Lee B. Salz

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How Sales People WANT To Be Managed…And How They SHOULD Be Managed

Sales people often say they want to be managed as if they were operating their own business. And, that’s exactly how they should be managed. Yet, there is a disconnect between how sales people perceive running a business works…and real-life. … Continue reading

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Technology Trend – Minus the Hype

If you are a pragmatist, you sure would like make your technology investment decision after discounting all the hype that surrounds the emerging technologies. The task is not easy since among all the hype around the new technologies a real … Continue reading

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Misconception : LinkedIn Is a Waste Of a Sales Person's Time!

I continue to be amazed by the number of sales people who feel that LinkedIn doesn’t provide any value to them. Yet, these same people spend countless hours on Facebook telling people what they ate for breakfast, are leaving for … Continue reading

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When Delivering Measurable Business Value is not the key to success of a software project

It is a no-brainer that if your software project delivers “measurable business value” it is deemed as successful. But, is the converse true – that is, if no measurable business value is generated the software project is a failure? The … Continue reading

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