The Coming Wave of Social Apponomics

Source : Strategy + Business

The short history of the Internet can be summed up in a few words: Attracting a crowd is relatively easy. Monetizing that crowd? Not so much.

So how can the vast number of popular websites monetize ?

The Economics of Social Apps is a new subject, very nicely analyzed by by Matt Anderson, Henning Hagen, and Gregor Harter for Strategy+Business.
According to them, Three elements of social apponomics are critical to success.

  • The first is social media, to attract a sticky audience
  • The second element, community-based marketing, is driven by keen insight into customer behavior on retailer-created social media sites.
    Highly Customize your Campaigns to the specific needs of the community.
  • Finally, tailored applications attract people by offering easy-to-use online environments that speak directly to individuals according to their interests and needs

Click here to Check out the detailed analysis and learnings from Amazon and Intuit.

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