The Spirit of Gardener

Gardener gives birth to the garden and treats it like his karma field where he puts his blood, sweat, energy and everything that he can to see the garden remains green and attractive.

To be successful Gardener it is important to care for the every part of trees like leaf, branches, trunk and root. Fruit or the flower is the result that brings smile and pleasure in the life of the Gardener. For the Gardener, every flower is equally beautiful and every fruit is sweet. He cares and devotes selflessly for every tree that is grown in his garden…for the trees the Gardener is the God.

The Gardener irrespective of changing season, uneven circumstances and unfavorable conditions keeps fulfilling his duties for keeping the trees of his garden healthy and growing. He does not see whether its rain or heat but, keeps putting his duty to work for the betterment of the garden

When the garden is affected by drought or flood and everything is lost, the true gardener never gives up. He again stands up and starts seeding the garden. Again…the garden starts getting filled in with the trees and greenery comes back to his garden.

When the wind tries blows away the weak trees of his garden, the Gardener holds the branch and trunk of the tree so that the tree can sustain and stay firm to sail through the tough time.

In the drought season when the trees of the garden begin drying up due to water shortage, the Gardener thinks and feels to pour his tears and save the trees. He arranges for the water from distant places to keep the trees green and alive

So, what is the spirit and expectation that drives the Gardener to work with so much of devotion towards his garden?

Think of it as a commitment towards making the world a beautiful voyage. Think of this, as the gardener may be enticed to share with the world the beauty of the flowers and sweetness of the fruits of his efforts and appreciate. He wants everyone who is sweat and burnt by the hot sunrays to come and sit in the shadow of his trees and feel relaxed and happy. He wants his garden to be the message giver to the world that everyone should be selflessly works for keeping the world green and eco-friendly.

The Gardener may be thinking that when he will grow old the trees will help him feed his livelihood. He may be thinking that his fruits will fetch him enough so that at the older age he will be able to make his survival. The trunk and the branches of his tree will help him construct the house in which he can relax in the summer’s heat and remain protected from the rain.

I remember an experience once told by a friend about his vacation in distant rural village in India. He lived with a farmer family who would survive for a whole year with less than $100 income per annum.

The farmer was expert in grooming the sapling for various trees and whenever someone will approach to him for the same his foremost condition was that the taker will put his efforts in growing and grooming the sapling to a tree. He would ask few questions, get comfort and then only allow that person to takeout his sapling. The farmer never sold his sapling for money.

Whenever, I listen to this song from movie Baghbaan in which a family head is compared to the Gardener and various aspects of gardening and family management has been weaved together beautifully in poetry form, it brings tears and aspiration to become the true spirited Gardener in real life!

The unconditional salutation to the spirit of gardening and the Gardener…

Author : Ishwar Jha

Ishwar is an entrepreneur, blogger and at present working on a project to setup global TV and Video-on-Demand service that would deliver Asian Entertainment to expatriates over the Internet directly to TV.

He has participated as a speaker and panelist in various international and national conference on the subject of digital media, convergence and emerging practices.

He is a yoga practitioner with devotions for spirituality. He believes in working for nurturing a better mind for better world. He can reached at

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