Tribute to Werner Erhard who is visiting India shortly

Myself and a lot of my friends have been a great beneficiary of the Landmark Forum by Landmark Education. Landmark Forum was created by Werner Erhard, which has contributed to the transformation of millions of people world over. Werner Erhard will be in India in November,2010 and will be leading a few events.

More about Werner from

Werner Erhard is the creator of transformational models and applications for individual, organizational and social transformation. His innovative ideas have stimulated academic conversations at many Universities, most recently in the areas of integrity, leadership, and performance. Werner Erhard has lectured at Harvard University, Yale University, University of Rochester Simon School of Business and Erasmus University.

and from his official Website,

For nearly 40 years Werner Erhard has been the creator of innovative ideas and models of individual, organizational, and social transformation.  His ideas and models have been the source of new perspectives for thinkers and practitioners in fields as diverse as business, education, philosophy, medicine, psychotherapy, third world development, conflict resolution, and community building.  He has created new ways of seeing things in areas where progress has stalled or where breakthroughs would make a significant difference.  A majority of the Fortune 100 companies and many foundations and governmental entities have used his ideas and models.  Fortune Magazine’s 40th anniversary issue (May 15, 1995), in examining the major contributions to management thinking, recognized Erhard’s ideas as one of the major innovations of the last few decades.

One of the event he is leading in India is on Leadership : an Ontological Approach with Michael Jensen, Steve Zaffron and Kari Granger.  The event will be held on Nov 22-27, 2010 at Asia Plateau, Panchgani.

  • The course is a leadership laboratory using a new model of leadership.
  • Rather than studying and trying to emulate the characteristics, styles, and actions of noteworthy leaders, or to merely impart knowledge about leadership, the course provides participants with actionable access to being a leader and to the effective exercise of leadership as their natural self-expression. An epistemological mastery of a subject leaves you knowing. An ontological mastery of a subject leaves you being.
  • The course gives access to the ways of being, thinking, planning, and action required to be a leader and to exercise leadership effectively. It is specifically designed to provide participants with the tools needed to achieve significant breakthroughs in their professional and personal lives – in any environment, no matter what the circumstances.
  • This new model of leadership and its practice is applicable to all domains, including personal leadership, organizational leadership in business, in politics, in government and in any other area in which you are committed to make a difference.
  • The course also supports you in enhancing your inner governance, a faculty required for the effective exercise of leadership. Based on the premise that two aspects of the strength of a leader come from creative and emotional competence (aspects of our own real selves), the course gives you practical ways to show you how this is related to increased performance at work.
  • The course is based on the instructors’ work over the last seven years in developing a course of the same title at the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester. It is now taught at the United States Air Force Academy, at the Erasmus University Law School, and was delivered at the Erasmus Academie in Rotterdam (2009) and at the Mays School of Business, Texas A&M University (2010). In addition, more than 40 scholars were trained to teach the course (in a workshop at the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2010), and 55 international consulting firms have been trained in delivering this course for their clients.

Visit the Event Website for further information, looks like a really powerful event for developing leadership at a new level.

Meanwhile, watch this video by Werner Erhard where he speaks on his latest work: “Why We Do What We Do: A New Model Providing Actionable Access to the Source of Performance.”


Ajay Sanghani

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  • AndreD

    Hi There. There is an error in your article. Werner Erhard did not create the Landmark Forum. Landmark Education created the Landmark Forum and it has its origins in the purchase of the intelectual property of Werner Erhard. The Landmark Forum has been re-designed multiple times in the 20 years since Landmark started.

    None the less, I am sure it will be a great event.

  • Bill Grady

    Having benefitted greatly by my experience with Werner and so many of the programs he created…I am glad to see this web site and find out some of what he is up to these days.
    The benefits I derived from the est training and the forum, which I did in the 70’s and 80’s are still with me, have contributed wonderfully to my life.
    Werner still feels like a close friends, though I haven’t seen him in 20 years. What’s most real for me about Werner is his heart. It is like he looked into the deepest parts of me and said, “Hello! I see you in there. Ain’t life grand!”
    Blessings to you,
    Bill Grady

    • Jimmydw

      ditto on what Bill said! did est in the 70s, then the forum….yeah, werner gets right to your heart!!